Friday, December 3, 2010

Pregnant Dental Care | Mother's Teeth Clean, Fetus be Healthy

Dental Care for pregnant - Struggle during pregnancy, heavy indeed. A lot of inconvenience due to hormonal changes. The nausea, uncomfortable meal, morning sicknes and much more. Changes in eating habits, like many, many snack and so on, also feels very burdensome.

In this condition, pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to disease. One of them toothache. According to drg. Laksmi Kusumaningtyas of RSAB Harapan Kita, Jakarta, pregnant women should take care of her teeth carefully.

Dental care in pregnant women, adjusted for age womb. And is usually done on the first and second trimester.

"In the third trimester of pregnancy is a big plus. Pregnant women will no longer sit comfortably in the dental chair, "she said.

In the first trimester, there should be extra attention on dental health.

"The first trimester where pregnant women often feel nausea or emesis. Well, if it's like this usually toothbrush activities make people become more nausea pregnant. As a result, many pregnant women who are lazy to brush my teeth, "said Lakshmi.

When this condition is left unchecked, it is not impossible appear dental caries.

"In the months of dental caries is often the case, that's the reason why you should check the teeth," said Lakshmi. In this condition, the fetus must be totally protected from the influence of drugs. Thus, once went to the dentist need to get proper care and treatment.

"In the first trimester, pregnant women should not be carelessly take medication, because the growth of the fetus," she continued.

Second trimester is the perfect time to get dental care.

"In the second trimester pregnant women are encouraged to conduct examination to the dentist. Because in this age-old pregnant women have not felt a heavy burden, could still sit in the dental chair, "said Lakshmi.

In the second trimester is still possible action dental treatments such as patching potholes, cleaning tartar, and so forth.

If you pull a tooth? "It should not be because of the adrenaline influence the mother.'ll Can reduce blood circulation. Especially when they are pregnant. Blood pressure so high. At least at the time of pregnancy there can be no revocation. If there are hole, treated it, don't pull" said Lakshmi.


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