Monday, December 20, 2010

Eggs and Cholesterol

Eggs and Cholesterol - Cholesterol is a type of fat floating around in the blood with the help of proteins called lipoproteins. If the levels are excessive, cholesterol will accumulate in the blood vessel wall which could eventually clog the blood vessel walls.

The increase in cholesterol can occur because the food intake in our body. Animal fat, saturated oil variety, and eggs are good sources of cholesterol that should be avoided to reduce cholesterol levels. Although high-cholesterol egg yolk, it does not mean we should not eat eggs at all. Therefore we need to understand where the egg which contains proteins and high cholesterol.


In one rather large egg yolk contains at least 213 mg of cholesterol. That's why when this morning the egg into your breakfast menu, you should consider cholesterol intake from other food sources. For example, you can replace full cream milk with skim milk.

Every day, we recommended limiting cholesterol intake of 300 mg per day maximum. People that levels of LDL or bad cholesterol is very high and taking cholesterol-lowering drugs should only consume less than 200 mg of cholesterol per day. In addition to eggs as a side dish, avoid eating foods made from eggs, such as bread or cake.

Egg white
Separating the yolk from the menu you will make the eggs are free of cholesterol consumed because egg whites do not contain cholesterol. Therefore, the experts at the Mayo Clinic recommends egg whites instead of eggs, for example to make a cake or cooking.

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