Friday, December 3, 2010

Yogurt Benefits for Health | Drink Yogurt

Yogurt Benefits for Health - Yogurt was first discovered by Turkish citizens. Initially the sheep herders keep his milk cow on the bag made of sheepskin. Having saved some time, the milk fermented by bacteria to become acidic, texture is thickened but not stale. These findings were developed into yogurt as we know it today.
In the process, the yogurt into food products were well received, even become one of the favorite food in all parts of the world, including Indonesia. Simply because society accepted flavor characteristic of yogurt, soft, sour, fresh and many benefits for your health.

Yogurt Making Process

Yogurt is a product made with milk pickle way with lactic acid bacteria. Starter used is usually lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus. The bacteria are added to milk that has been pasteurized, the two bacteria is what will ferment lactose (milk sugar) into lactic acid. In this phase would be generated by a typical yogurt flavor, acid flavor and texture is thickened due to coagulation of milk protein by acid.

Various Types of Yogurt

In the market found many different types of yogurt. Plain yogurt is one of them, is the color white yogurt and sour taste. This type is suitable for a mixture of different types of dishes, cakes, puddings or drinks because of the taste neutral. In addition to plain yogurt, some fruit yogurt, the kind in which you have added juice and fruit pieces. Fruit yoghurt delicious eaten immediately because it has added various pieces to enrich the flavor. In addition to the fruit flavor, now we also encountered a lot of yogurt with a variety of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and mocca.

Tasty for Cooking

The creamy taste of yogurt, sour and fresh not only delicious consumed directly. Various types of food more delicious if you add the yogurt into it. If you make satai or preparations of meat such as chicken shish kabab or tandori, try adding plain yogurt in the marinade. The result other than enrich the nutritional value, processed meats will be more tender, tasty and delicious. Another dish that fits combined with yogurt is ceam Soup, salad dressings, puddings, ice creams and fresh drinks like juice.

Contained in Yogurt Benefits

Judging from the composition of nutrients, yogurt is very high in calcium and iron, substances that are good for preventing bone loss. Based on the source of The Wellness Encyclopedia (1991) states that each 227 grams of yogurt containing 275-400 mg of calcium, the figure is quite high compared with other sources of calcium. Content of other nutrients are vitamin B-complex for reproductive health, protein for growth, other vitamins and minerals to keep and maintain the health of body cells.

For people with lactose intolerance, yogurt can be a substitute for milk because the lactose is converted into lactic acid that is safe for consumption. As with the research Ellie Metchnikoff (medical nobel winner 1908). The result of research conducted in the Balkans concluded that there was a positive correlation between consume yogurt with longevity. Evidently, people who consume lots of yogurt Balkans have a long age (± 87 years).

According to Ellie, the habit of eating yogurt that contains active beneficial bacteria to prevent accidental poisoning due to free radicals (causing cancer) and premature aging. For maximum benefit, choose yogurt with no preservatives, flavoring and color.

Plain yogurt is a good choice, besides containing active bacteria that are good for the digestive system, this type also without the addition of harmful chemicals. Do not forget to store it in cold temperatures because the yogurt high in protein and contains active bacteria that can easily be damaged if stored at room temperature.

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