Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swallow Sperm Good for Health?

Swallow Sperm Good for Health? - In the sexual life of husband and wife, any sexual activity should be the home meets the following three conditions. First, the desired joint. Second, the fun of both parties. Third, do not cause harmful effects, both physically and psychologically. Oral sex is one of sexual activity. If you and your husband agree to do that, go ahead, provided two other conditions are met as well.

Swallowing sperm
is not a problem, as long as your husband healthy, but do not expect any health benefits to swallowing sperm. Information stating sperm beneficial to health and make women stay young is a myth.

So, this information is incorrect and misleading. True, in the sperm contained several important ingredients. However, it does not mean to swallow it directly provide benefits.


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