Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Types of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is not just one type. In fact, there are various diseases that follow a component of the kidney is involved. Kidney disease include: -
1. urinary infection
2. Urinary tract blockage, such as kidney stones, cysts and other
3. High blood pressure (hypertension)
4. Glomerulonephritis
5. Nephrosis
6. Others, such as diabetes mellitus, damage from toxic chemicals such as drugs and others.

Warning signs of kidney disease

1. pain or difficulty during urination pee
2. frequent urination especially at night
3. piss out blood
4. swelling around the eyes, swollen hands and feet, especially among children
5. back pain part, slightly down from the ribs (not caused by movement)
6. high blood pressure.

If there are signs of your doctor's advice. Half an attack of kidney disease without any symptoms, so make sure your urine checked every year.

About The Kidney Stones

Stones in the kidney, or better known as "Kidney" occurred from fine crystal growth of some types of chemicals. The most common chemical is oxalat calcium, phosphate and calcium that are less known is that uric acid, cystine, and ammonium phosphate magnesiam.

The size of this rock is fine as the sand and can be of a golf ball. Most of the stones in the kidney to grow, then moves down into the urinary tract where it will get bigger.

Difficulties arise when the stones become too large to cause disruption to the course of urine flow. This can lead to diseases which will spread germs. Disorders and/or spread of germs that would cause kidney damage if not treated immediately.

Are common disease of kidney stones?

Incidence of kidney stones are a common problem in the urinary tract. It is estimated that one to five percent of the population will experience kidney stones in this event at a time in his life.

Some people experience only one occurrence of kidney stones, then recovered and did not recur. In most cases the stones in the kidney is a life long illness.


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