Saturday, December 25, 2010

Milk Really Cause Cancer?

Milk Really Cause Cancer?
Nutritional benefits of milk as a health supporting lately started to doubt along with the many myths about milk, one of which is causing cancer. How is that right?

This myth actually started from 1993 when the FDA approved the animal husbandry department in the United States to use growth hormone (rBGH) in cattle. The practice causes the milk production increased rapidly so that the price of milk could be pressed. But it also caused controversy because of rBGH increases the concentration of insulin-like growth factor (IGF), a hormone-related cancer in the milk increases.

However, in contrast to steroid hormones that can be taken orally, rBGH and IGF must be injected to get the effect. That's because the digestion process will destroy this protein hormone. Therefore, drinking milk from cows given the hormone does not necessarily transfer the active ingredients of this chemical into the body. In other words, rBGH and IGF can only cause cancer when injected directly into the human body.

Even so, because the issue of ethics, is now the practice of giving the hormone in cattle has been banned. Researchers from Canada have also found that the cows are given hormones are more susceptible to mastitis infections.

How to antibiotics in animal feed? Some opinions say existing antibiotics in cattle body will settle in milk and meat. If consumed in a long time this will cause people who eat them become antibiotic resistant.

Of this there is no scientist can be sure because no studies that prove it. If you are concerned with issues of this antibiotic, currently on the market are organic dairy products are free from hormones and antibiotics. But maybe the price is relatively expensive.


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