Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5 Ways to Avoid Breast Cancer

Avoid breast cancer
5 Ways to Avoid Breast Cancer - Breast cancer is a frightening disease. this disease in Indonesia became suspect number two who killed women after cervical cancer. So, how do we take the necessary steps to avoid the dangers of breast cancer. Do the following:

Exercise Routine
According to Debbie Saslow of the American Chemical Society/ACS, exercise reduce levels of estrogen associated with breast cancer. To obtain maximum results, try melakuakn activities that move the heart for 45-60 minutes, at least 3 times a week. Moderate exercise for 30 minutes, 5 days a week are also still useful.

Maintain Weight Loss
According to Heather Spencel Feigelson, PhD, MPH of ACS, the addition of 10 kg body weight in adulthood are raising the risk of breast cancer. In addition, weight gain also trigger a variety of diseases. So, if you are classified as excess weight, try lowering it and keep within a healthy limit.

Consumption of Vitamin D
The new findings presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncologists says breast cancer patients who are deficient in vitamin D 94 percent greater risk of experiencing the spread of breast cancer than those who have vitamin D in sufficient levels. Andrew Kaunitz, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville recommend that we consume 800-1000 (IU) of vitamin D daily.

Alcohol Limit
Recent data from the National Cancer Institute says that women who drank one or two alcoholic drinks a day 32 percent greater risk of breast cancer. In addition, those who consume more, 51 percent greater risk. Experts recommend that you drink alcohol no more than 1 glass per day, even if necessary, stopped.

Perform Inspection

According to Eva Singletary, MD, of MD Anderson, is only about 15 percent of breast cancers detected by patients themselves. However, diligent self-examination, plus a routine check to the doctor, if you suspect an unnatural lump could be a key to prevention. In Europe or America, the number of patients with breast cancer not so much because of awareness of early detection in these countries are growing well. Most breast cancers are found at an early stage, so it can be treated and cured.

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