Monday, December 6, 2010

Do not Wait Thirst for Drinking

Most people will drink water when thirsty. However, should no longer wait for thirst to come to drink water because if you're feeling thirsty it signals the body to become dehydrated or short of water.
The role of water is very important to humans, can even be synchronized with the body's need for other nutrients. This is because water is the biggest component in the human body.

During one day, the amount of water released by the body to normal conditions in the urine, defecation, perspiration, and respiratory tract of about 2 liters or 8 glasses. Therefore, the water needed to replace fluids in the body have the same amount or even more.

"Never be lazy to drink water, and do not wait for thirst to drink," said Dr. Samuel Oentoro, MS, SpGK., Clinical nutritionist FKUI-RSCM, in the event Anugerah Abikarya Syandana "Water is the goodness of nature and its benefits for the body", in the House Imam Bondjol, Menteng, Jakarta, Wednesday (08/12/2010).

Dr. Samuel explains, when you feel thirsty your body actually has begun to water shortages as much as 1 percent. Only 1-2 percent water shortage could make the body feel tired, weak, disturbing concentration and thinking ability.

"Just so you know, the highest water content in the body in the brain, because brain cells made up 80-85 percent of water. So when you are short of water 1 percent only when thirsty, power of thought in the brain began to fail. It is not difficult, but becomes more severe to think, "said Dr. Samuel who also practiced at Semanggi Specialist Clinic.

Furthermore, when the shortage of 4-6 per cent water, the body will experience severe weakness, pale mucous membranes in the mouth is really dry, decreased urination and a restless consciousness.

And when it reaches 10 percent, awareness of the body is not responding (unresponsive), urination none (anuria), the face looks gray, decreased blood pressure, pulse very quickly and quietly, all of which can be fatal even can cause kidney failure.

"Lack of drinking water could be fatal to the body, so many-many are drinking water. Excess water can also be fatal, but as long as you still drink through the mouth and not intravenously, I believe your body will not be excess water, because there is nothing you already feel begah (stomach feels full), "said Dr. Samuel.

According to Dr. Samuel, is very easy to detect that the body begins to lack of water, that is when the body gives the signal for immediate drinking. Signals the body to drink different from thirst, these conditions usually occur before you feel thirsty.

In addition, Dr. Samuel also reminded to always pay attention to the color of urine every time you urinate.

"If you go to the toilet, always note the color of your urine, if the color is clear or pale yellow, the status of water in the body is still good. But if the color is dark yellow or brown, a sign the body is dehydrated. Immediately drink to keep up," says Dr. Samuel.


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