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Healthy Food List

Healthy Food List of Dr Oz - Is supply healthy food in your refrigerator? Here are some healthy foods you'll find in the kitchen Mehmet C. Oz MD, a top physician who is often recommended by Oprah Winfrey.

"The best snacks than everything," said Oz, as quoted site. Nuts, he's bright, high fiber and protein so that it can satisfy their hunger. "Because the culture of Turkey, I ate almonds that have been soaked in water first. This makes it feels totally different, very sweet," said Oz.

"Broccoli is the best medicine we have," said Oz. Vegetables of this release toxins from the liver in a way that can not be done by all kinds of other foods.

Coffee and green tea
"Coffee is a source of disease-preventing antioxidants number one," said Oz. You can enjoy two cups of coffee a day. "But I prefer green tea because it can get the same amount of antioxidants with less caffeine content."

Eggs are not only suitable for breakfast. Eggs, says Oz, is the choice of a cheap source of protein food. Try eating a vegetable omelet and a green salad for dinner. "Egg yolks are also no problem, unless you have a cholesterol problem. If so, just egg whites only."

Oatmeal/wheat havermot
Oatmeal is the food of Dr. Oz every morning. Add your favorite fruit and a handful of nuts to get a low-fat protein.

Low-fat Greek yogurt
"I choose the type of Greek yogurt that is free of added sugar," said Oz. Add fruit or a teaspoon of honey for sweetness. "Tasteless fat-free yogurt may be low in calories. But the calories of sugar, like candy bars," said Oz.

Fresh Fruit
"Fruits have natural sugars that are not man-made. This makes the content of sugar is healthier than other sugar," said Oz. And unlike processed fruit products, such as fruit juice, fresh apple slices or orange fiber. This fiber will make you satisfied.

Dark chocolate
Choose the dark chocolate containing 70 percent cocoa powder. "This includes healthy foods," said Oz. The reason, chocolate contains flavonoids (chemical substances with antioxidant content) that serves to improve the function of blood vessels. Try to avoid chocolate milk. Chocolate milk, bright Oz, not the chocolate, only milk fat chocolate coated. (IK/OL-06)


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