Friday, December 3, 2010

Importance of Water | Lazy Drinking White Water

Due Lazy Drinking White Water - Not a few people who are lazy to drink water, especially in a cold room or area because they feel thirsty. Better not obey feeling lazy drinking water because the body that will suffer the consequences.

Water is the largest component in the human body. Its content varies according to age. Water content of 80 percent in infants, adults by 60 percent and at an advanced age or over 65 years by 50 percent.

Water is also an essential nutrient for healthy body because it acts as a solvent, catalyst, lubricant, regulating body temperature and the provider of minerals and electrolytes.

Number of water a person needs varies depending on the size of the person's body and what is considered appropriate for the body.

Although the water needs of each person is different according to Professor Hiromi Shinya, MD, an expert in enzyme that is also a professor of medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine USA, try the body to get a supply of water 6-8 glasses per day (1.5 to 2 liters) for adults .

Here are the consequences of lazy drinking water as reported by the American College of Sports Medicine, on Thursday (12/02/2010):

1. When the water supply runs low, the body will experience a shortage of water or dehydration. Dehydration causes fluid in the brain will be reduced, the intake of oxygen which should flow to the brain was reduced. As a result, brain cells become active and growing, can even shrink.

2. The composition of the brain consists of fluid, and when the brain does not get enough water intake will occur impaired cognitive function (intelligence) in the brain. The brain can not function normally again, especially cognitive function that eventually makes one a slow, easy to forget, and no concentration.

3. Dehydration experienced by the body can cause symptoms ranging from mild and medium, such as fatigue, thirst, dry throat, hot body, headaches, dark urine, rapid pulse, until severe symptoms such as hallucinations and death.

4. Prone to bladder infections, because bacteria can not get out due to lack of drinking. Symptoms of bladder infection may be a slightly increased body temperature, pain, especially when the end of urination, feeling the urge to urinate that can not be arrested, tenderness over the pubic bone. Sometimes there is blood in the urine.

5. Women should consume more water, because the bladder channel length shorter than men. Drink plenty of water will help the bacteria out of the urinary tract and reduce the risk of bladder infections.

6. Skin so dull from lack of drinking, making capillary blood flow in the skin is also not optimal.

7. Lack of drinking water can interfere with renal function, therefore water is important to prevent kidney stones. With enough water, the kidney stone-forming components become easier with the entire urination.

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