Thursday, December 2, 2010

Child Obesity Prevention Tips

Child Obesity Prevention Tips
Child Obesity Prevention Tips - GLAD to see children grow fat? Instead, you begin to get rid of these thoughts. In fact, obese children are vulnerable suffer from obesity.

Now, if you have this, a series of diseases can attack children. Try to follow the following tips to prevent children from the risk of obesity.
- Do not force children to eat or drink can already satisfied with the reason "pity if discarded." Better to teach him to take food to taste.

- Make sure children eat breakfast, so she gets enough energy to learn in school.

- Offer a variety of foods, such as grains, vegetables, fruit, low-fat milk, lean meat, and nuts.

- Consult a doctor if there is a problem with eating habits and weight.

- Cook with less fat, for example, by grilling, steaming, boiling, rather than frying.

- Limit your sugar intake.

- Drink water or low-fat milk, avoid the consumption of soft drinks (soft drinks), or fruit juice (contains fructose/fruit sugar high).

- Come on, take the kids out and active!

- Involve the whole family in activities, such as healthy walk, bike, swim together, play basketball, outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing, and outbound.

- Parents are primary role models for their children. Give an example by creating a healthy eating environment and create an environment that actively moving. Parents do not be too picky about food, children can imitate a parent who likes to eat well, but high calorie.

- Involve the whole family, including father-mother of the child so they will know that the child is in the treatment of obesity (diet), but is controlled so as not to hamper growth.

- No drug is declared safe to be able to reduce obesity in children under 12 years old. This should be corrected from changes in lifestyle.
(SI Newspapers/Newspapers SI/FTR)


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