Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fresh milk twice a day

Fresh milk twice a day
Fresh milk twice a day - Milk is an essential nutrition for health and well-balanced development of the child. Unfortunately, parents often fail to provide milk to children. On the other hand, children are also increasingly reluctant to drink milk.

The Center for Health Promotion Kemenkes dr. Lily S Sulistyowati said that ideally, children drink milk twice a day. "Drink milk, twice a day. If you are diligent and balanced food drink milk, until old age bones and teeth are well preserved or not osteoporotic," she said in front of hundreds of children from various elementary schools who attended the celebration of World School Milk Day in Keong Mas , TMII, Saturday (25/09/2010).

For this reason, the Ministry of Health continues to hold a campaign to drink milk with various parties, including with Tetra Pak for milk consumption in Indonesia has been increasing.

The campaign was held primarily to encourage children to consume fresh milk is considered better than powder or sweetened condensed milk. According to Lily too, for healthy in old age, health must be maintained since early, mainly drink milk.

Lily encourages children to start drinking milk every day before the move along with breakfast. Thus, concentration and stamina of children will wake up well.

"Breakfast is important for your energy in schools. The menu also may ask for chicken continues to baseball, not so, the food must with balanced nutrition and variety," she added.

Consumption of fruit must also be considered. Ideally, four to five servings of fruit should be consumed by children every day. Parents must also consider the pattern of development of the child's body. Do not be too fat, not too skinny. Great children's bodies are well nourished according to his height should be ideal.

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