Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wrong Use Cough Medicine Can Fatal

Eating cheap liquor that is the result oplosan alcohol with drugs or chemicals present plural do teens tight pockets. With little capital, they hope to 'get high' and while leaving the problem. Unfortunately, life is at stake.

One type of commonly abused drugs are dextromethorphan (DMP), one of the active ingredient in anti-cough medicine. In the market, the drug is available in syrup and pill form known as dekstro pill.

 Cough Medicine

In America, dekstro pill is often misused by the youth there. In the homeland, some young people also died after drinking liquor (alcohol) is mixed dekstro pill.

According dr.Ari Fahrial Sham, Sp.PD FKUI internist from RSCM, dekstro pill works as anti-cough medicine that works central to the cough center in the brain by increasing the excitatory cough in the brain. The recommended dose of no more than 15-30 mg. In high doses, more than 100 mg side effects will arise.

"At doses above 200 mg will arise euphoria and hallucinations. On the condition of those who eat the DMP will feel happy and forget the problems being experienced," said dr.Ari, from the Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine/RSCM this.

He added, more severe side effects that would arise if the pill dekstro combined with stimulant drugs that contain caffeine, mainly in the form of drinks are sold freely as a beverage supplement or energy drink and alcohol.

"Other effects that often arises is drifting, blurred vision, motion, heart palpitations, shortness of breath and vomiting. The patient may not realize, seizures, even death," he explained.


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