Saturday, November 20, 2010

ML Every Day, Do HiperSeks?

ML Every Day, Do HiperSeks?

Doctor, I had a problem at hand. In husband-wife relationship, I often experience climax several times, even more than 5 times.
I did a husband-wife relationship almost every day. My question, if I belonged to a hiperseks?

Doctors need to know, I have studied abroad and I never touch for 2 years. However, I do masturbate with his own finger, Doc. I also rarely periods, even up to 1 year or more because the cycle is not smooth. I have been blessed with a child aged 4 years and now I do not ever join the family planning program. Am I normal? And is there any effect due to masturbation? Thank you.


Basically, women can achieve orgasm a few times of origin continue to receive effective sexual stimulation. Thus, the normal course if you can have an orgasm several times.

If you had sexual intercourse almost every day, that does not mean you are not normal, although not a common occurrence after a long marriage. The frequency of sexual relations is also determined by the couple. If couples want too, then the sexual intercourse took place more often. So, it is not determined by one party only.

About masturbation that you do, that affect the more easily you in achieving orgasm. Therefore, it may, you now belong to easily reach orgasm.

ML Every Day, Do HiperSeks?


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