Monday, November 15, 2010

Fighting Cavities in Toddlers

Fighting Cavities in Toddlers - Almost all the kids love sweet food. Most of the parents let the child eat sweets, even though actually harmful to teeth because it can cause cavities (caries). Sugar and carbohydrates are eaten is the preferred food of bacteria.

The occurrence of holes in the teeth takes 1-2 years, while the milk teeth can be more brief. According to research nearly half of American children have cavities by age approximately 4 years, and some even much earlier.

Fighting Cavities in Toddlers

Most cavities discovered during dental examination. Cavities are found and treated early can reduce pain, save money and most importantly, save the tooth.

Although information on dental health has a lot of spread, in fact there are many parents who abandoned her toddler dental health. There are still many among those who think, not the child's milk teeth so that permanent teeth will later on be replaced by permanent teeth.

According to drg. Melanie Sadono Djamil, from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Trisakti Jakarta, the condition of milk teeth are very influential on a child's permanent teeth. "Baby teeth can also affect seed infection and permanent teeth," he explained.

Dental caries did not receive treatment also seriously affected. "Dental cavities can cause pain. As a result, children become lazy to chew and swallow, he's so long without food and nutritional intake is reduced. Children can be malnourished," said Melanie.

In older children, toothache may lower productivity. They're lazy move. Activities eat, learn, work, and sleep was disturbed. In terms of aesthetics too, are missing or defective teeth can cause a feeling less confident. As a result, children do not want to socialize for fear of teasing his friend.

"Every tooth is perforated, should be patched immediately. Patching will stop contact with the outside so that bacteria do not get food. Dental also will be cleaned," said the dean of Faculty of Dentistry Trisakti.

Genesis holes in the teeth can actually be prevented by simple measures such as brushing teeth. "The action of brushing will reduce the number of dental caries by 50 percent," he said.

In addition, sweet and sticky foods should be reduced because it is more difficult to clean. Familiarize children to clean their teeth after eating sweet foods and drinks. "At least rinse with water, including drinking milk after a child. If the child was already asleep, give a bottle filled with water after a child drinking milk from the bottle," he said.


  1. Cavity in toddlers is very common. My son is also just 5 years old and is affected with cavity in two teeth’s. Consulted to dentist Hermosa Beach and he recommended a toothpaste along with some precautions that seems really helpful.

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