Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 Ways to Relax in a moment Time

5 Ways to Relax in a moment Time - For you especially office workers, get relaxed atmosphere is a necessity. Working in a rigid situation and the full pressure will gradually have an impact on health.

Getting a relaxed atmosphere can actually be done anytime and anywhere, including in the office with a pile of work. How do you conjure up the atmosphere of stiff and depressed become more relaxed? Here are some tips:

1. Make a cup of warm tea with a distinctive aroma, for example, steeping chamomile flowers. This will make you immediately feel relaxed.

2. Sit in a chair that can be shaken. Many people immediately feel relaxed after sitting in a rocking chair.

3. Inhale deeply. When feeling stressed, slowed breathing. Focus your mind on each pulled thing when breathing in and out of the nose. Concentrate the mind only when they inhale and release the breath.

4. Do something else. If you do something that makes worried or nervous, do something else first. Rose from his seat and take a walk around the office. Change activity for a while. When he returned to previous activity, you are feeling refreshed.

5. The most important thing: Make yourself smile. Put funny picture near the desk and looked at her frequent. Family photos can also be an option other than cute picture. @


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