Saturday, November 6, 2010

Skinny Babies, not always malnourished

During this time it was thought, meaning thin baby suffering from malnutrition or certain diseases. In fact, can cause all sorts. "Tell your doctor, who knows your son is a specific disease. Her body was very thin. "This kind of advice we often hear or just give to friends that her son looks thin.

In fact, to determine whether or not skinny baby baby, do not quite see from his appearance alone. "The proper way is to measure and compare weight and height, although every baby has a weight and height are different," explains dr. Alinda Rubiati, Sp.A, child specialist of Fatmawati Hospital, Jakarta.

Similarly, for the affairs of thin monitor whether or not the child, must be continuous. "There is a curve or graph to see if the baby becomes more thin or not," said Alinda. Registration is usually done every month, so it will look how the body of the baby growth chart.

Thin Reference

Normally, body weight (BW) newborns had reached 2500 grams. Not too big, nor too small. Because if it's too small, it is feared his body organs can not fully grown so that it can harm the baby itself. Conversely, too much too scared of difficult birth in a normal way and must be via Caesarean section.

Well, the added weight babies can be seen per quarter. In the first quarter, an increase in body weight range 150-250 g/week, second quarter increase of 500-600 g/month, the third quarter rose 350-450 grams/month, and fourth quarter of about 250-350 grams/month.

Clearly visible, the first quarter added weight faster than the second quarter, III, and IV. "This is reasonable because the growth in the next month Weight is lower than the previous month. But if the growth of body weight reduced dramatically, it could be a square off to do the follow-up. "

Generally, it is clear Alinda, a reference to see whether the normal-weight is at the age of 6 months and 1 year. At age 6 months, the baby's weight should reach 2 times the birth weight and became 3 times at the age of 1 year. "Less than this, his weight or he could be called low, including infants skinny."

Nutrition and Check Routine

Skinny baby is born at low weight was 2500 grams or less. "The cause is influenced while still in the womb. This is crucial because that's where the formation and growth of organs begins. "

Healthy Ingredients determined by a healthy mother. When the mother suffering from diseases, such as lung infections, the condition of the fetus was affected. Blood tersuplai to the fetus could be a way to inherit her mother's illness. "At birth, the baby may be suffering from disease or abnormality of organs. Finally, the baby was healthy and thin. "

Other factors are the intake of nutrients consumed by the mother when pregnant. Typically, reduced nutrients consumed by the mother, is also automatically reduced intake of nutrients to the fetus are transported through the placenta. This deficiency can be caused because the mother is very difficult to consume when ill during pregnancy or are lazy to pay attention to the nutrients they need during pregnancy. Because of this lack of nutrients, the baby may have low weight and look thin.

That is why during pregnancy the mother must continually check the content once a month. "The older age of the womb, the examination should be done more often." Moreover, women also need to monitor the content more closely, so that if there was something about the mother and fetus, can be immediately known and can be done as early preventive action. "Clearly, the examination also should be coupled with good nutrition and balanced," said Alinda

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