Sunday, November 21, 2010

Skin Allergies Because phone

Skin Allergies Because phone - Concerns about long-term effects of cell phone usage (cell phone) continued to expand in line with the increase of human dependence on these communication tools.

skin allergies

In recent years, dermatologists noted the emergence of cases of skin allergies in mobile phone users. Despite small numbers, but the number of cases continues to increase each year. Allergic reactions that occur normally in the form of redness on the skin of the jaw, face, and ears. In general, skin allergies disappeared mobile phone connection is stopped.

Experts suspect that an allergic reaction caused by the metal content in the phone, especially nickel. In the United States alone, nickel allergy suffered by 3 per cent of men and 20 percent female. This metal allergy is more common in women because their skin is generally more sensitive, especially in jewelry from metal.

The number of cases of skin allergies due to the phone is not documented with certainty. The allergy sufferer is generally known after the test case. In a study in 2008 found, from 22 species found in 10 types of popular mobile phones that use nickel material, especially on the headset and the menu button.

To find out if we have a nickel allergy, allergy test examination can reveal.


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