Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Benefits of Papaya Leaves

The Benefits of Papaya Leaves - Actually, nature has always been providing solutions for a wide range of human diseases. Unfortunately, because it is not practical, natural medicine slowly supplanted by synthetic drugs. Along with the outbreak of the side effects of synthetic drugs, natural medicines are now beginning to glance again. One of the versatile natural medicines are widely available around us is papaya. Each section can be used papaya tree, begin to root, stem, leaf, fruit, seeds and even fruit.

This article will only discuss the benefits of papaya leaves, because one section is also already has a myriad of benefits.

Meat softener. The housewife may already be familiar with the properties of papaya leaves to soften the meat. The content of sap (latex) in the leaves that will soak into the meat and soften. How, put stew meat in papaya leaves, or wrap the meat in papaya leaves when boiled.

Acne medication. Did you know that papaya leaves are also able to overcome a stubborn pimple? Way, take 2-3 old papaya leaves. Dry in the sun for a while and then mash until smooth. After that, add a half teaspoon of water. Then apply the potion to the face affected by acne, such as wearing a mask. Take a few moments, then rinse thoroughly.

Increase appetite. Not hard to make this concoction appetite enhancer, prepare fresh papaya leaf palm-sized, a little salt, and half a cup of warm water. All the ingredients are mixed, pounded or blended, and then filtered to take water and then drunk. This herb is safe, even for kids though.

Anticancer. Of the several studies described, stems and leaves of papaya contains a lot of milky white latex (milky white latex), which likely developed as anticancer, as quoted by the Journal of the Society of Biology. The sap is automatically obtained when we consume papaya leaves, cooked in any way.

Facilitate digestion. Karpain compounds contained in the leaves of papaya potent inhibiting the performance of some microorganism that interfere with the digestive functions, so effectively to suppress the cause of typhoid.

Blood pressure controller. Way, take 5 pieces papaya leaves, boiled with a pint of water. Boil continues until only three quarters. Let cool before drinking. If necessary, adding brown sugar or honey to taste sweeter.

Medicine for dengue fever. Mix 5 pieces of papaya leaves, ginger, meniran necessary, and red sugar. Boil until cooked, then let cool before drinking.

Menstrual pain medication
. Take 1 of papaya leaves, tamarind and the salt to taste. Boil with a glass of water until cooked. Let cool before drinking

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