Thursday, November 18, 2010

Injection Needle, Main Source of AIDS Transmission

Injection Needle
Trends in HIV/AIDS cases in Jakarta showed nearly 70 percent of HIV transmission caused by the use of hypodermic needles by drug users alternately. While the remaining 20 percent are caused by free sex and deviant sex.

Based on data released in 2010 that AIDS Commission DKI Jakarta Province, from 1238 cases, 603 cases came from injecting drug users. Meanwhile, 585 cases coming from heterosexual relationships. What is alarming is the average person aged 19-25 years are infected.

"Window period of this virus for a long time about 5-10 years, because it is new in the new age of 25-44 years discovered that positive, but had been infected since she was a junior," said John Alubwaman, head of the field of promotion and prevention KPAP DKI Jakarta, in the event press conference commemoration of World AIDS Day (11/25/2010).

Major themes raised in this year's World AIDS Day is a Universal Access and Human Rights with a sub theme of the national Stop AIDS, Increase Rights and Access to Education for All. Rohana Manggala, Jakarta KPAP secretary explained, the purpose of this theme is to ensure that PLWHA have the opportunity to enjoy the educational equivalent of a healthy person.


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