Thursday, November 11, 2010

Magic Powder Make Stomach Quickly satiety

Magic Powder Make Stomach Quickly satiety - This is good news for you who have problems with weight. The experts from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, United States, has successfully developed a kind of crystalline powder that can help reduce weight in a way affects the brain and stop the appetite.

Crystalline powder was quite sown on top of the food and the aroma will be inhaled. In an instant, your stomach will feel full, even after eating only a couple of bites.

Crystal weight loss options available with some type of smell or taste like cheese, coffee, and radish. Crystal called Sensa is already available in some health food stores in America and soon be marketed in the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Germany.

In the study for six months on more than 1,400 volunteers shows, these crystals can reduce the average weight of about 13 kilograms in obese patients. However, further research on these crystals have also been conducted over the past five years involving 1000 participants.

The experts claim, this crystalline powder will give long-term benefits, unlike other methods of weight loss. Dr. Alan Hirsch, neurological who developed this crystal, say, the smell of food - which is estimated to affect 90 percent of "taste" - can be used as a stimulus signal "full" for the brain to then submitted that the body is satisfied.

Meanwhile, Dominic Dwyer, neural psychology expert from Cardiff University, UK, suggested the use of these crystals should not be indiscriminate. "The smell of native foods can indeed make us eat more. However, these substances must be handled very carefully," he said.


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