Saturday, November 13, 2010

Looks Older than Age Signs Unhealthy?

A fresh face and look younger than actual age is often seen as vibrant health. So, if the person whose face looked older means her body is not healthy? Not really turns out.

When you see one or two years older than actual age, you are still including healthy. Unlike the case if your face looks 10 years older than the age. "The doctor was able to guess a person's health status from the face. Only those who looks 10 years older who belong to poor health," said Dr.Stephen Hwang, researchers from Canada.

From his research, 99 percent of people who look 10 years older than it actually has physical and mental health is bad. Research conducted on 126 people aged 30-70 years.

The respondents in this study examined health and portraits of respondents was given to 58 doctors to guess how old the respondents. The doctors will also tell the health condition of the respondents.

Apparently the doctors were not able to predict the health status of patients whose face looks 5 years older than actual age. However, physicians accurately knowing the health status of people who look older than 10 years.

"Doctors do sometimes make a health assessment of the patient's face. But they can not tell people who look younger must be healthy and people who look older have the disease," he said.


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