Monday, November 15, 2010

4 Suggestions for Always Erection

Always Erection

In certain respects, no different from the human body with machines. Sexual skills not only depend on physical fitness, but also the mind and mental attitude that can be trained.

According to Graham Masterton in his book, Wild In Bed Together, sexual peak performance is 10 percent physical ability, 20 percent experience and knowledge, and 60 percent of mental control. The conscious mind is necessary for erection.

However, if a man can train himself, then that is obtained is concentrated for the defense to erect properly. For that, Graham gave a few tips that can be tried.

1. Do not be nervous
When making love, do not be too worried about themselves whether or not an erection. You do not have to believe anything to prove masculinity with can not erect. Remember, she actually understands that he can not always erect. They just are not comfortable with a man who always can not erect.

2. Do not just think about an erection
Better to just think about how to satisfy a partner. For example, knowing which parts of the pair most like to be touched.

3. Invite a partner to help
Difficulties should be shared with your partner. Do not apologize and make excuses because it's not your fault alone. This is equal to the task of stimulating your partner before intercourse.

4. Do not rush
Do not rush to penetrate because of thinking while while erection for him not limp anymore. This method is actually only adds to anxiety and increases your chances to limp again.

Even the most serious, by doing everything with a rush, you may experience premature ejaculation. It would be better you do it slowly and continue to think how to give pleasure to your partner as possible. Good luck! @ Doa

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