Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tips for Selecting Ideal Doctor | How Choose a Good Doctor

Tips for Selecting Ideal Doctor
Tips for Selecting Ideal Doctor - In the movies, bad doctors can be easily identified. Generally they are being stiff, the room being messy and unprofessional. But in the real world, rather difficult to determine whether a doctor is good or bad.

"The difference between a good doctor and the poor increasingly vague and personal nature. Although more difficult to recognize, it is important to find the difference," said George Lemaitre, a surgeon and author of How to Choose a Good Doctor.

Doctors are "bad" does not always have a bad personality, too. "Usually they look bad because of long working hours, stress, or bored with his job," said Laurel Schultz, a pediatrician.

If you can not know the reputation of the prospective doctor for your family, it could not hurt to follow instinct. "Follow your heart reaction. If you feel less comfortable, replace another doctor. Remember that your friend's doctor choice is not necessarily suitable to you or your child," advises Jennifer Shu, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

In general, there are several criteria for the ideal physician:

- Communication skills
When you find a reliable doctor for children, pay attention to how the doctor interacts with the child. Visiting the doctor may be scary for children. However, pediatricians who understand, know, and can communicate with the children will try to make her patients feel comfortable.

The ideal doctor should also always provide honest information about health conditions of children. One of the most experienced physicians were supposed to listen to patient complaints and is ready to provide advice or input.

- Flexible Time
Most doctors are busy. However, the good doctor will always take the time to answer patient questions. Doctors also should appreciate the time the patient and not let patients wait too long, except in emergency situations.

- Recent Knowledge
Medical science and medicine continue grow at any time, and the good doctor will always equip themselves with the latest information about diseases, treatment, and prevention. Educate patients about health is part of the duty doctor.

- No force test
There are times when the doctor asks you to do the test as a reinforcement supporting the diagnosis. However, you need to be suspicious if your doctor is too often asks you to do the test. "It could be a sign of the doctor does not believe the diagnosis. If you are unsure of the procedure, seek a second opinion," said Schultz.

- Affordable
Try to keep your choice of doctor's practice is not too far from home. Thus, you do not need a long time if you need immediate assistance, especially for children. Besides the issue of location, choose a doctor who is also affordable to the cost. Remember that in addition to consulting fees, you still have to pay for medications and investigation when necessary.


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