Monday, November 22, 2010

Insomnia due to death? Beware

Insomnia due to death - There have been many accidents and health problems due to sleep disorders. Research on mice in the laboratory that continually forced to get up eventually die within two weeks. However, did not sleep in humans also lead to death?

Insomnia due to death

According to medical records, the longest human survive without sleep is 11 days. That is evidenced by Randy Gardner, teens 17 years in 1967 continued to get up for 11 days for a competency dance. Over the past does not sleep he does not suffer pain and still be able to follow the competition. Finished the competition, he then slept for 14 hours and recovered his strength back as usual.

However, the example is a lack of sleep, which is very different from insomnia. "It is not unusual when someone can not sleep for several days because of insomnia," said Dr. Michael Thorpy of Sleep-Wake Disorder Center, USA.

Indeed there is a very rare case of insomnia, which is caused by genetic factors, that is fatal familial insomnia (FFI). The interference experienced only 40 families worldwide.

As a result of FFI, a person will suffer from panic attacks, hallucinations, decreased body weight, demenisa, and sometimes death. Sleep disturbance causes impairment of nerve function in the brain. FFI usually occurs in people of middle age and ends with death during the period of one or two years.

Thorpy explained, in most people, chronic insomnia is was not directly cause death . However, lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems that increase the risk of death.

"Sleeping less than seven hours per day associated with declining cognitive function, especially loss of concentration, impaired memory, and tired hands and eyes," said Thorpy.

The study also showed that people who suffer from insomnia more at risk of depression and anxiety. Insomnia is also associated with risk of heart disease and hypertension, obesity, diabetes, breast cancer, and headaches. That is why, people who suffer from insomnia must get a doctor's treatment.


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