Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Creative Child Will More Success

Creative Child Will More Success - Generally, parents want their children smarter, especially in the field of school subjects. But be aware, intelligence alone is not enough to make children successful. Children must also be creative, because the creative, he can overcome problems in life.

Colin Rose, an observer of children, said the success could be determined with 20 percent intelligence and 80 percent creativity. Mean, it's important for us to stimulate the creativity of children so that someday he can be successful.

Creative Child Will More Success

According to the dra Rosemini A Prianto, M. Psi., In a seminar some time ago, every child has the power of creativity and we as parents must mengasahnya. He also gives some tips to participants in a seminar entitled, "Sharing Our Creativity Improve and Sharpen the Child As a Being of Love."

First, when toddlers take children learn while playing. When the age of school, follow the learning style that made him uncomfortable. Possibly, she could not learn because the maximum should sit back and choose to learn while on the move. Similarly, if he likes to learn while listening to music, sang songs, or other.

Second, take advantage of existing facilities at home to study. Such as counting the number of glasses on the shelf, the colors are there in the living room, geometric forms that exist in the dining room, and others. We also can use tools such as former unused glass of mineral water or facility, such as computers, the internet, as a means children learn.

Third, communicate intensely with children. With whom he discussed about various problems in everyday life. If there is a problem, teach the child to find solutions, and provide opportunities for children to solve their own problems. This will stimulate the creativity of children to overcome the problem.

Fourth, avoid the word "no" when banning child doing something dangerous or unnecessary. Because of this word would be "into it" power of creativity of children. Replace the word "should" while explaining why he needs to consider to do the "best" is.

Fifth, we need to get children to find alternative answers. For example, we ask why the kids have school? The answer is plain as possible so he smart. But another alternative answers can vary, for example, so that he could learn a lot of positive things, so that someday he could become a doctor, so he could play with his friends, and others.

Sixth, if the child has demonstrated his creativity, we need to give him the award. No need for expensive, but it can make children feel valued, such as hugs, compliments, caresses, and others.

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