Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Want to Slim Quick? Try the Fat Massage!

quick slim
Want to Slim Quick - Pattern life irregular and excessive dietary triggers increased fat within the body. One way to reduce fat in the body with massage fat (fat massage).

One of the treatments offered at Roseberry Spa & Clinic New Experience is useful to get rid of fats and toxins in the body thus making the body beautiful and ideal. "The purpose, to destroy the deeper fat. It emang innovation from Roseberry, "said Yenny Usman, owner of Roseberry Spa and Clinic Jl. Pluit Timur Blok L Timur No. 25, north Jakarta.
Equipment used is simple enough of them massage oil, massage cream, and vibrators (vibrator), and assisted by the hand therapist with slimming massage techniques.

"Using the two creams, creams for massage and cream to destroy fat make it more tender. The process was very simple. Massage cream is applied to the body part that wanted to destroy fat such as tummy, arms, thighs outside or inside. Then aided by a tool to destroy fat/vibrator. For the full body we do with 1.5 hours, "she added.

After treatment clients usually become more fresh and the body becomes more relaxed. To obtain maximum results, clients are advised to make slimming massage three times a week. "We're using here for treatment 6 times in 2 weeks. In addition to health, with the help of diet, slimming tea for the disposal of toxins in the body, "she continued.

After three times a week doing maintenance really intense to destroy the fat, the result would be visible. It's slim body is not directly visible, but the fats in the body is destroyed and lives on a regular basis perform maintenance only.

"It is recommended to come 3 times per week results already visible," she said.

According to him gently massage performed with supine body position. In the oblique body position, according to him, the fat can be felt during a massage. With gently massage after a long time into the softer fat and destroyed.

"The therapist may feel fat more stubborn and more soft," she said.

Is there any side effects from this treatment? "No, because we do not have income or injecting drugs into the body, completely natural. The advantage we do not need to maintain a strict diet control and regular enough. Control massage her alone, 'he explained.

To maintain the fat becomes soft, mild exercise should be done well. Moderate exercise is very important so as not to make fat into muscle and make it hard again so hard to be destroyed. "Sports are also considered, because it can affect the fat becomes hard back. For this treatment you should choose a treadmill, nets, sports a lightweight who does not use weights, a month when it allowed for toning or sports such as yoga, "she explained.


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