Friday, November 5, 2010

Addicted Masturbation, What Impact?

Masturbation is one of sexual behavior that is often done when a person is unable to resist his sexual urge. Because of the lack of information, there are many false myths that circulate about man masturbation and woman masturbation. One of them mentioned that sexual behavior is causing infertility.

If masturbation becomes a habit and do quite often, then it will indeed result in temporary infertility. According to Dr. Maya Trisiswati, in order to fertilize egg cells, sperm cells have matured first.

"It took 72 hours for sperm cells to mature. If the frequently issued through masturbation, the sperm can not mature and can not fertilize," said the doctor who became Kadiv Access and Services Family Planning Association of Indonesia.

Therefore, for couples who are planning a pregnancy, should masturbation or sexual intercourse should not be done every day so that sperm cells can mature.

She added that medically there is no adverse effect of masturbation. "All done with clean hands and without tools, is fine masturbation or masturbation. It's much healthier than multiple partners," she explained in an event workshop on sexual and reproductive health, some time ago in Bandung.

Although no impact medically, Dr. Maya remind the psychological impact of the habit of masturbation. When you become a habit and then dependence, this behavior can affect brain development. "What they thrive is the brain that lead to pleasure that can lead to obsessive compulsive behaviors," he said.

Too often do masturbation also shows our inability to control sexual drive, which means our mind more full of things that are erotic.


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