Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gillian Mckeith Pregnant | Gillian McKeith's Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Gillian Mckeith Pregnant
Gillian Mckeith Pregnant - Female First spoke to top nutritionist Gillian McKeith to get some top healthy pregnancy tips....
"It's very important to eat healthy in the early stages of pregnancy because your baby is growing rapidly at this time," says Gillian, "You want to make sure you are eating a wide variety of food to ensure your are getting all the nutrients you and your baby need."

Morning Sickness
Peppermint and chamomile teas are great for settling the stomach but nettle tea will also help the liver and raise iron levels. "Do not eat lots of ginger despite what they say. "You want to eat fresh fruit and vegetable daily because these are the best sources of vitamins and antioxidants," advises Gillian.
"If you really can't manage to eat but you can drink ok then fresh pressed juices are great.

Protein for Healthy Growth
The frail Scot made the outlandish claim in a bid to get out of the jungle jail.
Fellow contestant Lembit Opik said everyone was worried about her, adding: "Gillian's level of ailments have increased and she has been hearing voices. An insider said: "When Gillian went back to the jungle jail she went nuts. Pals of Gillian reacted with shock to her pregnancy claims, with one saying: "At 51?


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