Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Healthy Eating - Time to Adjust Eating Patterns

Healthy Eating - The times are demanding fast-paced and practical diet also influenced the community. Instant food factory made a choice for tasty, inexpensive, easily obtainable, and easily processed. In fact, the content of food additives in instant foods that have a risk.

Consumption of instant food of choice in the middle of modern society and the inability and the limited time to cook fresh food. This trend took place globally, not only in Indonesia.

Originally prepared instant food for the astronauts who will travel into space or soldiers who are fighting. To be easily processed food, but taste delicious and durable, ditambahkanlah some food additives.
In its development, the industry also utilize a variety of these food additives, preservatives either, perisa, flavor enhancer, dye, or various other types. Materials are making food production becomes cheaper, can be used in a long time, and the distribution becomes broader.

Although its use in a certain amount guaranteed security by the government and international agreements, the consumption of instant food containing food additives still needs to be regulated. Consumption of food with balanced nutrition and variety to minimize the risk of the use of food additives.

"It should not be a menu of instant foods daily. Occasionally eating of course allowed. In principle, macro and micro nutrient needs should be met, "says Expert Analysis and Food Safety from the School of Pharmacy, Bandung Institute of Technology, Rahmana Erman Kartasasmita, when contacted from Jakarta, Wednesday (13/10).

Instant noodles

One instant favorite food of Indonesian society is 'instant noodles'. Not only used as food booster awaiting hungry before mealtime, noodles are also widely used as side dishes. In fact, some people make it as a snack by mixing spices and noodles without cooking.

Medical specialist in internal medicine and consultant stomach and digestion in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Ari Fahrial Syria, said the consumption of instant food is actually not a problem if done correctly.

For those who have ulcer disease or high blood pressure, instant noodles of course is not recommended because the content of yeast in the noodles or the element of salt in the seasoning penyedapnya. For those who do not have digestive disorders, consumption of instant noodles allowed to keep watching the balance of food is consumed.

Instant noodles is a food alternatives that can be used as a substitute for rice, not the main meal. The pattern of consumption of instant noodles that make it as a snack or side dish will make the cumulation of calories in the body.

Plus the stress factors that promote overeating and inactivity, consumption of instant noodles that can trigger obesity. Obesity is becoming one of the factors increasing the risk of various types of cancer, not because of instant noodle.

Consumption of instant noodles also do not cause appendicitis. Appendix caused by infection of the appendix, not because of noodles, bean chili, cashew or stone.

"It is too simple to say eating instant noodles can cause cancer and appendicitis," said Ari.

Food additives

The use of various types of food additives on various types of instant foods by industry experts believed Food Chemistry from the Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Nuri Andarwulan, will not exceed the limits set by the government.

In addition to food for security reasons, already meet the safety factor, the use of food additives in excess it will damage the appearance, taste, and texture of the food itself.

"Raw food additive is expensive. The use of excess to the detriment of the industry, "said Nuri.

In the instant noodles, the kind of existing food additives, among others, plant-based sweeteners, acidity regulators, dyes, and antioxidants. While the ingredients are generally present in the form of reinforcing a sense, perisa, and various kinds of vitamins. In general, soy sauce and chili sauce contained preservatives and thickeners.

Additional material exists that is synthetic or natural. Within normal limits, the use of food additives will not affect your health. Studies conducted on the effects of one kind of food additives is generally performed in levels far above normal.

Recognized Nuri, a number of food additives are subject to risks for those who have health problems and hypersensitivity. This restriction does not apply to healthy people. Especially for people with autism, it is advisable to not consume food manufacturer at all.

Although consumption of instant food is allowed, the consumption of fresh foods prepared themselves still need to take precedence. Although a bit messy, this method is more healthy because it allows setting nutritional balance that the body needs food.

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