Monday, October 18, 2010

Thursday, Best time for sex

DO you know that Thursday is a very good day for sex? Or Wednesday is a good chance to find love in your life?
A recent study from the London School of Economics has stated, that in the week there will always be days where we can get the most out of life. Both of the sex life or in terms of career.

Times of India described what are the things you can do during the week of work, as summarized in the "okezone".


The best day to suppress stress. Find time to relax, that advice be obtained from British Medical Journal study. Results of the study says, you have 20 percent more likely to die of a heart attack on Monday. What article? One possible cause is the stress back to work.


The best day to make a list of what should be done in a week. Tuesday is most productive day in which men and can get things done properly. A study by the United States for industrial and organizational psychology, said our rational brain at the "left" dominated the thinking at the beginning of the week and do the job better than the usual routine.


Wednesday is a day that is ideal for a first date. This statement raised more than 40 percent of singles surveyed 8000. If a date either to get a breathing space for you, then enjoy. If not successful, then you can set the time with friends for the weekend.


If you want to have sex with a partner, then this is the best time today. Because the energy levels of cortisol, which stimulates the sex hormones was at the peak.

Set your alarm clock and get a husband to do morning sex. Because the levels of sex hormone testosterone in men and estrogen in women five times higher on Thursday. Wow!


The best day to quit smoking. A U.S. study found that on Thursday, a person can withstand the temptation to smoke. This is because the embroidery you are the strongest.(Tty)


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