Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Instant Noodles Not for Everyone

Instant noodles are close to the people it now has worldwide. The products are popular ranging from children to adults. Its practical, varied, it feels good, and the price is affordable is a great attraction. From the health side, in fact, not everyone can eat instant noodle.

Instant Noodles Not for Everyone

Instant noodles are noodles that have been processed products have continued ripening process (instanisasi), namely fried or steamed and dried with hot air until its gelatinization point, and then packaged. This process allows the level of maturity that perfect noodles can be achieved only within 3-5 minutes of boiling.

According dr.Ari Fahrial Sham, Sp.PD, specialist in internal medicine from FKUI RSCM Jakarta, people suffering from gastric disorders are advised not to eat noodles. "For heartburn sufferers are not recommended because the noodles noodles contain yeast so that it will increase the gas in the stomach," he said when contacted, (11/10).

In addition, the content of monosodium glutamate (MSG) on the instant noodles are also best avoided by people with high blood pressure. "Sodium on MSG will make high blood pressure increases," said one faculty member in the Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine-RSCM this.

He added that, as a "booster" emergency stomach, can just eat instant noodles, but not to be eaten regularly. "The best food remains fresh because the value of nutrients and vitamins are still high," he said.


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