Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sex Positions Determine Baby Gender

For some reason, he wanted the first male child. How do I? Are there any special techniques, including in intimate relationships, in order to obtain the boys?

"I am a young 26 year old, TB / BB: 165 cm/69kg, plans 2 more years to get married. My question:
* How can I get a greater likelihood of boys?
* What is the timing associated with the candidate's wife (ie in the morning or evening) that determines the sex of the future?
* Does the menstrual cycle to determine my future wife to get the child the more dominant male or female?
* How do I calculate to get the boy? "

R., Jakarta

Culture result
For many people in our country, the desire to have sons is still very strong. Of course this is closely related to socio-cultural conditions and traditions of people who are still 'gender bias', by placing men more than women in all respects.

Sex Positions Determine Baby Gender
In some countries, other developing and underdeveloped countries as well, such a desire is also very strong. In contrast, in developed countries, the desire to have children with certain sex, especially males, no more. For them, men and women the same right, not just a slogan.

Perhaps because of the desire to have children with a particular sex is not important to them in developed countries, does not seem to find new ways of development in this regard.

Separation of Spermatozoa
Until now there is a way that still is a way that is long enough to get, namely separating spermatozoa through a special media. With this separation, obtained sperm containing the X or Y chromosome, depending on what media is used.

Results of separation later in inseminasikan into the womb to produce a pregnancy with a specific gender. Although the results are not guaranteed one hundred percent, this method offers hope for those who wish to plan pregnancy with a particular gender.

If you want a child with male gender, a fairly sophisticated way above can be done. However, if you are reluctant to use a sophisticated manner, it may use a simple way. Of course with a higher failure rate than a more sophisticated manner.

When Fertile
A simple way is based on biological differences between sperm cells containing the X chromosome containing Y chromosome The difference between the two sperm cells as follows.

First, the X sperm cell size bigger, so that its motion more slowly, while Y sperm move faster because the smaller size. Second, the X sperm cells are more resistant to acidic substances, while Y sperm are more resistant to alkaline substances.

Based on this biological difference then made a simple attempt to separate the two types of spermatozoa in the planning of the baby's sex.
First, by setting the time of sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse done in time to allow fertile Y spermatozoa reach the egg first, so it is expected to produce a baby boy. If done about two days before or after the fertile time, is expected to produce a baby girl.

Second, by utilizing a substance that is acidic or alkaline. If you want a baby boy, do rinse the vagina with an alkaline material prior to sexual intercourse. Conversely, if women want a baby, do the rinsing with acidic substances before sexual intercourse.

Third, by arranging techniques that sexual intercourse orgasm can be arranged. If you want a baby boy, the wife must reach orgasm first to make the atmosphere inside the vagina becomes alkaline. Conversely, if want a baby girl, the wife should reach orgasm and then to the atmosphere in the vagina remained sour.

Of course a simple way is not guaranteed to provide definitive results. In fact, failure is quite high because for many people is not always easy to determine when the fertile right now, and how to manage to achieve orgasm first or later. @

Consultation Prof. answered. DR. dr. Wimpie Pangkahila Sp.And

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