Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dangers Behind Breast Implant

Plastic surgery becomes an important instrument to improve the appearance. One of his procedure is, breast implants. Despite having a high health risk, larger breasts became a much sought shortcuts to womanhood.
Even so, the fake breast that could boom, now the trend has ended. It appears in line with current trends that occurred in Hollywood. In which celebrities choose to remove their breast implants, and film studios to support a natural breast shape.

Not only that, according to recent reports, suggests that breast implants are very high risk to the health of those who do it.

Experts fear evil silicone used in breast implants are several enhancements that serious risks could explode. Materials made by French company, Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) has been banned by France and Sweden. Experts believe that the gel used in implants can cause inflammatory problems in the breast area. reported that dilansirTimes of India, on Monday (4/10/2010).

On that basis, British plastic surgeon has now been urged to stop using the product PIP. Although the official medicines and products Regulatoray Health Agency (MHRA), which is investigating the matter, saying that they have proof that the content of the PIP is not necessarily dangerous.

Susanne Ludgate said, "Doctors are not allowed to implant these devices and they should quarantine every ingredient. Patients who have an interest in PIP in terhadaptgel silicone breast implants they should contact the surgeon implants them. Once we receive further information, we will provide further advice continued. "

To note, there are nearly 8500 breast surgery in Britain last year. (NSA)

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