Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 Reasons Orgasm Feels Happy

Every woman who ever had an orgasm, you know the pleasure that is felt during orgasm. However, describe it in words is difficult. Orgasm is synonymous with pleasure, joy, and happiness.
Then, why do orgasms feel good?

"Because there is also a kind of 'orgasm' on the brain. In case this is not a physical tension, but release of the chemical elements 'happy', "says Paul Jenner, a journalist and author of Great Sex book: Secrets of great sex.

Paul also describes more about some chemical elements are related to orgasm, among them:

1. Dopamine into the front lobe of the brain when the orgasm, and produces feelings of happiness. Sometimes an orgasm also reduce pain. Therefore, you can treat headaches with sex rather than taking aspirin.

2. PEA is an amphetamine peaked when the orgasm that makes you feel like walking on air. The amount is more and more when you orgasm so the more you retain (or regain) feeling happy. PEA is a combination of dopamine and the reduction of tension because of stress. And more shocking, you can increase tenfold noradrenaline levels only with the vigorous exercise.

3. Oxytocin is a chemical that, among others, makes the nerves become sensitized and stimulate muscle contraction. Hormone oxytocin is also a 'romantic' because he makes sense of bonding/close with another person (such as a sense of bonding a mother to a newborn birth). More and more oxytocin is, then you and your partner will be more sticky.

4. Serotonin makes you feel powerless (hence serotonin is one of the medications to treat depression). Serotonin is all part when you feel satisfied after sex. Serotonin is what makes you want to sleep after orgasm.


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