Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Food Triggers Acne

When acne over your face, would be annoying that it becomes less confident. There is a myth that the beans become the main enemy of women because it allows acne to appear.

According to research at the American Academy of Dermatology is an institution for skin beauty affairs said that acne is not caused by food. There are no foods forbidden, but apparently a result of a recent case study, this proves the opposite.

Experts researchers at Colorado State University's Department of Health and Exercise even suggest to reduce sugar and high carbohydrate content of food. The institution has about 1300 people researching the islanders' Kitivan "on" Papua New Guinea ", the fast food and carbonated beverages sweet. On most days they ate only fish, fruit and meat cooked traditionally. The result? There is not one pimple was perched on their faces!

Consuming too much sugar can increase insulin levels in the blood, where it triggers the production of androgen hormones that make skin oily. So for those of you who want to try to eradicate acne it will not hurt you to try reduce sugar in the blood.

In addition to treating your face from the outside then you also have to keep the incoming intake in your body. Try you reduce the sugar in your tea or coffee and reduce bread, potatoes or rice to your daily menu. That way your face will be free of acne. Good luck.


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