Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sexual fantasies, arousal generating Shortcuts

You might consider that sexual fantasies were not good. Because, think fantasy is a sign of a problem in a relationship.

"Maybe it could be a problem. But it all depends on the fantasy. There is a huge difference between, say, fantasizing that you and your partner are interested in the stars that show sex and truly hope your partner is another Oran when having sex, "said Paul Jenner through his book" Great Sex: Secrets of Sex ".

Paul explained, the fantasy can be really positive. Once you share a fantasy, you are lying naked in the mind and soul mate. You will be more intimate than before. Not only that, the fantasy also provide benefits for couples intimacy. This was revealed by Paul. What are the benefits?

- Increasing levels of stimulation
- Generating excitement Shortcuts
- Jump to the section relating to the brain
- Reveal the things about your spouse that has not known before
- Increase the sense of intimacy between you both
- Introduce the ideas that you can continue to use in real life if you want.

"Personal fantasy is certainly not a recipe for getting better sex with a partner. Fantasy who does not want you to be good to backup daily dreams and masturbation. This will easily disturb you from your partner. Fantasy is divided, on the other hand, is a recipe to a great sex, "said Jenner.

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