Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Want Male Infant or Female? Here's Way

Having children is the dream of every couple. However, selecting the sex of the newborn for most of us surely is not easy.

However, recently there are studies showing that a natural way to predict the sex of your child. Doctor of Omni Medical Center Hospital, Dr. Caroline Tirtajasa, SpOG, from the Omni Medical Center Hospital, explains that "play" by the fertile time can you make a natural way to choose the sex of the child. Here's how:

1. Before and after ovulation
If you do have sex before or after the fertile period, then sperm x as a carrier female sex cells will be around the ovaries. In these circumstances, the cells 'sperm x' has the most likely to fertilize the egg. This increases the possibility of the birth of female babies.

2. At the time of ovulation

If you want a baby boy, do intimate relationship with the couple at the peak of ovulation. This is because the Y sperm cells are more likely to fertilize your egg cells are already mature.

3. Insemination
Beyond this way, medical experts say there are other ways, namely through the streets insemination with sperm cell selection. (Tam)


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