Monday, October 11, 2010

Treat and care for your female organs!

Treat female organs

Caring female organs - Conducting a series of body treatments from head to toe on it seems only natural for women. Starting from the cream bath, facial, massage, manicure, pedicure. Well, what about the female organs?
Why does this sometimes escaped the attention of ya! Moms Have properly maintain vaginal health?

If not, Dr. Eva Roria Silalahi, SpOG, of Brawijaya Women and Children Hospital, Jakarta gives her review:

Clean femininity area

Living in the tropics with hot air and tends to damp often make the body hot and sweaty. Then, body parts covered and the folds become damp and cause bacteria to breed easily, causing the odor and fragile cause disease.

Maintain cleanliness of female organs is absolute. Keep it quite easy, really! As long as the woman patient and painstaking.

How it, wash the vulva (vaginal lips) are slowly and regularly use clean water after each urination. After a bowel movement, should be washed using mild soap. Used to clean the anus with water, then wash her pussy lips toward the back. By watering the area around the vaginal lips can be used to clean the sweat and bacteria.

The proper way to wash the vagina from the front to the back of the anus. Do not get upside down! This can cause the bacteria that is carried around the anus into the vagina. Always use clean water and dry using a soft towel or tissue non perfume.

1. Use of Liquid Soap for Women

In the market many outstanding female soap that works scent or containing antiseptic. This was chosen because many women feel less comfortable with the scent of her feminine area.

Actually this is not the right way, because there are side effects. In normal conditions, in the vagina there are a variety of bacteria and organisms that are beneficial or detrimental. Too often wash the vagina with a liquid chemical (douching) and the like can upset the balance of organisms and vaginal fluids, so susceptible to infection in the vagina.

2. Know your femininity Aroma

Conditions and normal healthy vagina is characterized by white or yellowish liquid is accompanied by a distinctive odor that appears, is because the walls of the vagina and cervix produce well fluid.

Regarding the odor or aroma and the level of fluid viscosity may change along with the menstrual cycle. If something is not normal, this fluid will be automatically changed accordingly.

This is why the use of liquid femininity makes women sometimes do not recognize the distinctive smell of her vagina itself. Indeed recognize the smell vagina can detect early if there is anything suspicious. So that could be addressed early.

4. Maintain cleanliness At Menstruation

Many women feel uncomfortable at the time of menstruation. Hormonal changes and sometimes accompanied by complaints of pain around the abdomen and vagina. This is normal because the uterus shed during menstruation uterine lining of blood because there is no fertilization.

Election pads during menstruation is very important. Select the bandage is soft, has good absorption, does not contain ingredients such as allergies or a gel containing perfume.

Replace the pads ranges from four to five times a day to avoid the growth of bacteria that breed on the bandage, and avoid the entry of bacteria into the vagina.

5. Intelligent Choosing Lingerie

Choose underwear made from cotton, so it can absorb sweat. Also avoid using tight underwear, in addition to the skin such as "stuck" also causes the blood circulation is not smooth.

Do not forget to keep clean underwear. Replace at least twice a day for active women and is easy to sweat.

6. Check In Routine to the Doctors

Should do regular checks to a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology every two years or so, to determine the possibility of a serious disease of the reproductive organs. (Mom & Kiddie/NSA)

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