Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alexa Chung: I'm Not Suffering from Eating Disorders

British presenter and former model Alexa Chung is known to have tall and slender body typical of the models. Alexa also has the unique taste of fashion. But speculation is currently 26 years old girl was suffering from an eating disorder. Really?
Chinese-English hybrid is indeed familiar with the world of fashion. After leaving the modeling world, winning awards as the best-dressed woman was still colored version of Vogue's fashion stage by sitting in the front row of the show.

Now, Chung try their luck to become a designer and have a Mulberry bag is named after the name.

However, due to thin, Chung always exposed to gossip about her weight and suffering from an eating disorder that took the fashionista victim. Upset and angry with these rumors, she had decided to go to vote.

"I can not express how frustrated because they do not believe when she said, 'I do not suffer from eating disorders'," she explained to British Elle magazine cited the November issue of People.

"I'm naturally very thin indeed. I can be even thinner when the stress. And you can not imagine how much stress I was last year," she said honestly, tell me about her debut on U.S. television show "It's On with Alexa Chung."

"Everyone can see that I did not show great performance and I can not handle it," she continued.

After the event was completed last year, rumors about eating disorders that began circulating on the internet, virgin newly released personal collection for Madewell was denied.

"It made me angry because I do not want to be an example to young girls just as skinny. I do not want to be admired as thin as opposed to dress well, and I do not want them to be confused," she added. (NSA)


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