Saturday, October 16, 2010

Importance of Sexual Fantasy

Sexual Fantasy - "I like to fantasize about having sex with another man, not the husband. Am I normal?" asked a woman in the show that talks about sex in a private radio.

Normal course, a terrific fantasy whatever it according to your opinion. Erotic fantasy is an ordinary thing done by men and women.

Research conducted by the "Kinsey Institute" proved, 84 percent of men and 67 percent of women have sexual fantasies. Fantasy is a mental experience that comes from the imagination or it could be because it is stimulated by reading, painting, photo, and others. Most people fantasize about while having sexual relations with a partner, during masturbation, or even when it's not sexual activity.

The thought of someone else
Other research has ever done 'Hunt' to prove that women and men alike, they generally fantasize about having sex with a loved partner.
However, fantasizing intercourse with someone other than their spouse, even with strangers, also occurs in women and men. Many people also like to imagine having sex with the artist or celebrity they admire.

Not a few people who think having sex with more than one person. Like the story of a woman in a midnight ceremony a private radio station in Jakarta following. "I like to imagine having sex with three men at once. Everything a man I did not know, "she said.

Sexual fantasies can also be in other forms, for example imagine roughly forced to have sex. "I sometimes imagine a man who violently pushing and pinning me to the wall and kissed me passionately," says a friend.

There are times when people fantasize otherwise, that is forcing anyone else to have sex, even fantasize about relationships with other species.

Couples need to know?
To be sure, many people involved in the lives of their sexual fantasies. Realizing a fantasy come true, can be very enjoyable. However, if the fantasy was against the system of shared values, should be considered lucky to lose if you want to embodied.

Do we need to tell it to your partner an erotic fantasy? Of course depends how the quality of your relationship. Couples whose relationship strong and sex to get used to communicate openly, share the fantasy is very exciting as you may know the hope of the couple.

However, if you do not believe the couple may be invited to share fantasies, save himself alone. Most people choose to separate the world of fantasy with real sex lives. What about you?

Its function is much

Sexual fantasy has several functions. In the book Our Sexuality by Crooks & Baur mentioned include:

1. A source of pleasure. Erotic mind help in the stimulation phase with a partner or while masturbating. Imagining a particular body part is touched, really very helpful.

2. Be a way to mentally practice or in anticipation of new sexual experiences. Imagining himself took the initiative to invite having sex can make a person more ready when the situation is probable.

3. Be an alternative for sexual behavior in private is not acceptable, and conduct exploration through the erotic imagination. In fact, sexual activity "forbidden" in the fantasy even more exciting. For example, imagine sexual activity with another person, with two or three people, in the open or in the toilet of the aircraft, but only in fantasy.

4. Be a substitute for sexual activity. For example, when a husband or wife is not there, imagine the past experience is very impressive. @

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