Thursday, April 8, 2010

World Health - Chikungunya Fever

Chikungunya fever is a viral disease transmitted through the bite of a mosquito (aedes sp) who are infected. Disease dengue fever was described as having the characteristics of severe joint pains and sometimes continuous (arthritis) and followed by fever and redness of the skin. The disease is rarely life-threatening, but can affect anyone. This disease is an epidemic disease that arises in a period of 7-8 years but can occur up to 20 years old new again.

Places that often so that mosquito breeding in the stagnant water, such as:

* In the bath
* In the vase
* In potted plants
* In the bird cage pets
* In secondhand goods (waste)

Clinical symptoms of Chikungunya fever

Clinical symptoms that arise are similar to dengue fever are fever, headache, fever, nausea, weakness, vomiting, joint pain and redness of the skin patches. What distinguishes this disease with symptoms of dengue fever is a severe pain in the joints and sometimes continually so hard to move the hands and feet. Often the child does not arise any symptoms.

Laboratory Investigation

Chikungunya can be diagnosed by blood tests ELISA. Because the clinical symptoms of Chikungunya fever, dengue fever is very similar to the laboratory examination is very important, especially in the area having dengue fever.

Management of

There is no specific treatment for Chikungunya fever. Generally, treatment is supportive that can be done by simply reducing the symptoms of fever with antipyretics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to relieve pain in joints and lots of rest and increased intake of nutrients may accelerate healing. When the suspect immediately affected by this disease looking for help (report) to a health clinic, family doctor's clinic, the nearest doctor.

Chikungunya fever prevention

There is no vaccine against the infection of this virus. Prevention is very dependent of how we avoid mosquito bites and mosquito control.

* Tips to avoid mosquito bites
* Use a shirt and pants that cover the entire arm and leg.
* Use mosquito
* Use mosquito nets

* Tips to reduce mosquito breeding

Same with the eradication of Aedes mosquito in dengue fever

* Drain water storage (tub, drum, etc.) once a week
* Close the water Storage
* Change water in flower vases and potted plants
* Bury garbage that could retain water
* For places where the water is impossible or difficult drained, sprinkle powdered Abate into a puddle of water to kill mosquito larva. Repeat this every 2-3 months in place of fish once or save it.
* Size of the use of Abate powder are as follows: for 10 liters of water with just one gram of powder Abate or 10 grams to 100 liters and beyond. If there are no tools to measure, use a spoon to eat. One tablespoon pressed (which is flattened on top) contains 10 grams of Abate. You just share it or add to it in accordance with the amount of water that will be adapted. Dose not need to precisely correct.[klikdokter]


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