Saturday, April 3, 2010

6 Foods Toxic that Often we eat

1. Apple

Apples are very famous as a tasty and healthy fruit. But did you know that apples contain Cyanide / Cyanide, although only in small amounts. This cyanide content contained in apple seeds. While eating all the seeds that are in 1 apple is not going to turn off, but it is something that should be shunned. Because if you eat a certain amount, will result in complications

2. Cheri

Cheri is edible food that is varied. Can be eaten raw, baked, made into jam, even in the liquor. Although famous Cheri delicious, this fruit contains toxic hydrogen cyanide. If this cherry pip chewed or destroyed by accident, he will release hydrogen cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide poisoning in small doses will lead to dizziness, confusion, and vomiting. Poisoning in large doses will cause difficulty breathing, increasing blood pressure and heart rate, and even kidney failure can lead to coma and death due to respiratory tract.

3. Almond

Although people call Almond nuts are actually seeds, which is very famous in the world. As his case Apples, Almonds also contain cyanide. Almond is very poisonous if not processed in the heat of his right to remove toxins. In many countries, are forbidden to be sold prior Almond processed to remove the cyanide poison from it.

4. Potato

Twigs and leaves of potato is poisonous. Even his own potatoes poisonous. If you have a closer look at potatoes, most likely from the potatoes that we've seen a bit greenish. This is caused by the toxic glycoalkaloid. In history, our deaths had occurred despite the potatoes are rare.

Most are due to drinking tea or eating potato potato leaves are greenish. These deaths did not come quickly and suddenly, but usually the victim will become weak and then fell into a coma. Therefore, do not consume potatoes that have green dots as eyes, skin greenish, or who have been rooted. Dispose of these potatoes than its present.

5. Chili

Looks like no one amongst us who never ate chili. Whatever the type of chili (chili, curly, green, etc.) contain a chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin is what makes it a spicy chili. This chemical is extremely harsh in which can be used to remove paint, and even used as "pepper spray" that can blind the eye. Bilan capsaicin is where a certain amount, will cause death.

6. Monkey Beans

Similarly, almonds, peanuts, this monkey is actually not nuts but seeds. When you buy raw monkey nuts, peanuts are actually raw but please do not already steamed first. This is because, beans contain a toxin urushiol which must be steamed to remove the poison first. Monkey nut poisoning is extremely rare, but the people who worked at the plant to separate the bean from its skin monkeys occasionally experience side effects caused by the toxin urushiol.


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