Friday, April 2, 2010

Heart attack, due to prostate drug consumption

A study found that prostate cancer-suppressing drugs may increase the risk of heart attack. This surprising discovery, reduced enthusiasm for use of the drug.

Previously, GlacoSmithKline PLC asking the FDA (Food and Drug Inspection Institute for the U.S.) to approve the drug Avodart for cancer prevention for men with risk above the average for this disease. This drug has been used for urination problems and no cardiac risk of such use, said the doctor.

"The conclusion from this study as an antidote to cancer medicine is mentioned at the conference last year, but no known cardiac risk information at the time," said Glaxo spokeswoman.

Overall results of this study can be viewed at the New England Journal of Medicine, this Thursday edition.

This study followed 6700 men with a high value of the PSA blood test, but has no signs of cancer on biopsy. They were then given a fake pill Avodart and as well as a new biopsy for four years. Prostate cancer was found in 25% of those using fake pills and 20% users Avodart.

This is a risk reduction similar to other studies which found him in the same drug, Finasteride, which is sold in generic form as Proscar, manufactured by Merck & Co.. Inc. This study found no higher risk of heart attack on Proscar. In the study, Avodart, heart failure developed in 30 men compared to 16 drug users from fake pills.

"Further analysis suggested for men at risk of heart failure during the use of Avodart was also inclined to use additional medications," said a spokesman for Glaxo, Sarah Alspach. He added that the high risk of heart failure was considered not described and not consistent with previous research.

Last year, a discussion panel of cardiologists to recommend men choose Proscar or Avodart if they regularly tend to prostate cancer. However, Avodart study is not compatible with previous suggestions.

"Two of these drugs work with the different ways and may not have the same safety profile," said Dr Barnett Krammer, scientists from the National Institutes of Health who led the panel and no relation with the research.

In conclusion Avodart as a whole, according to Kramer's most important is the possibility of heart attacks that have not been anticipated.

Dr. Otis Brawley, who helped research this before he became chief of medicine at the 2007 American Cancer Society, said that the risk of heart attack may happen. However, men may need to pay attention to this risk. "This is probably a good reason to stop the consumption of the drug," said Brawley.

The number of people who choose to use these drugs for cancer prevention has not been clear until now. On the other hand, the cost is about U.S. $ 3 (Rp28 thousand) per pill. "To prevent additional cases of cancer, men should consume 71 Proscar for seven years," says doctor

Prostate cancer, is a nonskin cancer, the most common in American men. Approximately 192,000 new cases and 27,000 deaths from this cancer last year.


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