Saturday, April 3, 2010

Symptoms of liver disease

Symptoms of liver disease - One of the main symptoms of liver disease is jaundice. Liver produces bile, which plays a crucial role in breaking down the blood into energy and also to purify it.

Bile collected all the wastes from the blood and spitting them out of the body through the kidneys using a colon. Bile is a greenish-yellow substance. Normal stool color yellowish brown also because of the presence of gall bile. When not produced or is not functioning properly, it will spread to the skin tissue and causes a yellowish color. This color can also look in the eye and is characterized by jaundice or yellow fever. This is the biggest indicator that there is something wrong with the heart.

Jaundice may be accompanied by other infections such as colds. This could indicate a problem with gall bladder, and should be checked by a doctor immediately.

Symptoms of liver disease mainly depends on the type of disease. However, in general, all diseases showed discoloration of the skin with a yellowish base tones. Patients may also show other signs such as excessive fatigue, edema, and pain in the abdomen. Some people experience itching as well. This may be the beginning of skin infections due to impurities in the blood. If all of these symptoms are accompanied by weight loss and loss of appetite, then there is something to worry about.

People who have heart conditions that are placed on a strict diet. They are usually determined free salt and fat free diet.

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