Sunday, April 4, 2010

When stung by a bee

Bees, one of the social animals who work hard, honey bees have a group that in it has functions and duties of each. In life, bees in the "armed" with a sting. How bees use it sting? Is it true bees will die after a "sting"? True that man can "take advantage" that sting? Is not it dangerous and deadly?

Keep in mind, the sting was present only in worker bees (females), ye know that Khan's group there are three groups of bees: queen bee, drones and worker bees (females). Well, worker bee stings on the body can only be used once, meaning that when the bee stings, that's the end of his life. Worker bees die after stinging.

Bee sting, connected with a gland in the abdomen of bees, and when the sting and the sting of it venom sacs were left behind, so it will continue pumping venom into the "victim" it (this is what causes the bees die after stinging)

If by chance you are stung by bees, do not panic, you can quickly wipe the sting on your skin with the leaves babadotan, or jawer kotok the first knead until out of water.

Besides dangerous, bee stings also proved beneficial to humans. High blood pressure, rheumatic, and ashma, can be cured by bee sting conducted at the point-specific titk, which of course must be done by people who know and experts.

Well, the following actions do you do if you want to avoid a bee sting:

1. If you happened to be in the open nature of many of his bees, wear clothes that cover your body parts, eg long sleeves, long pants.

2. Do not use incense, perfume, a strong ammonia odor, because these attract bees.

3. Bright patterned clothes and flowers will also attract bees

4. Do not throw away leftover food (especially sweet) recklessly, gather them together and throw in a closed container.

5. If by chance you are visited by bees, do not do that "threaten" the bee, which makes the bees become more aggressive, is a quiet escape.

That is, the more you understand and know a little about bees? Let's discuss.


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