Sunday, April 4, 2010

Food Sources of High Folic Acid

Folic acid. Perhaps the word you've heard. Yes, folic acid is one type of vitamin B

needed by the body for the formation of new cells. In our body, folic acid that has been in consumption will be stored in the liver as a reserve.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), the adult body requires 400 micro gram of folic acid each day. While in pregnant women folic acid intake of 800 micrograms required / day. Do not deem trivial, if the body of folic acid deficiency can cause birth defects in babies. Such as neural tube defects and abnormality of the brain and spinal marrow. Folic acid is relatively easy to obtain, because is available in green vegetables and fruits. Like:

* Broccoli
This is one vegetable that is still classified as a family with a nutritious cruciferae-cruciferae able to accelerate the healing process for those who just suffered from severe pain. Moreover, broccoli is also pointed out can prevent and inhibit the growth of cancer cells is a scourge for many people.

* Nuts
Nuts have long been known source of protein is also rich in fiber and nutrients such as minerals. B vitamins, complex carbohydrates. Typically, nuts contain 8-17% protein, 100 g 100 g of iron and calcium.

* Spinach
In the two have tied spinach folate less than 200 micro-grams.

* Eggs
Folic acid found in eggs is located in the egg white. In duck egg folic acid content of 14.85 mcg/l00g not much different from chicken egg white which reached 14.67 mcg/l00g.

* Avocado
Until now, the avocado can be trusted as an antidote to the consumption of flu symptoms. The content of vitamin E was able to neutralize free radicals and reduce the risk of infection, while its B vitamins help produce antibodies naturally. The content of omega-6, essential fatty acids in avocado, is also useful to relieve inflammation. Several studies have shown this fruit can increase the immune system.

* Wheat and Milk

Two types of snacks also have a high enough folic acid. Since 1996 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued regulations requiring the addition of folic acid in bread, cereal, flour, foods made from corn, pasta, rice and other grain products.

* Citrus

Besides known as a source of vitamin C, fruit round, this one is also a potential source of folic acid. Even from a citrus fruit 20% of daily folate needs can be met. Not quite up there, an orange can increase folate levels and levels of toxins in the blood vessels had decreased.

* Strawberries
Although expensive, the fruit is used as a symbol of love in ancient Greece was quite enthused the public. Eight pieces of strawberries or 1 cup strawberries contains only 50 calories and contain no cholesterol or saturated fatty acids. This is equivalent to 7.5 percent of the daily requirement of folic acid for pregnant women. No wonder if the strawberries into a snack alternative or complement to a healthy diet

* Heart of cows
In addition to beef liver contain folic acid also contains vitamin A which is quite high. Unfortunately, those who are pregnant are not recommended to consume beef liver it can cause disorders in pregnancy. But not to worry, those who consume beef liver can replace them with the milk.

* Banana

By consuming 1.5-2 bananas every day, the folic acid requirement can be fulfilled. The reason is two bananas, equivalent to 58 micro gram of folic other words only a third meet the body's folate requirement.


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