Friday, April 2, 2010

6 Food Destroyer Bad Cholesterol

Reduce intake of saturated fat is the most important step change in diet in reducing blood cholesterol. In addition, you also can prevent the buildup of cholesterol by eating some healthy foods. Here are some foods that could be your choice.

Salmon Fish

The study reveals, certain types of fats are basically against high cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids for example, that many contained in salmon, help lower LDL cholesterol levels, lowering triglyceride levels and increase good cholesterol HDL.

Salmon is a good source of protein because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Both types of fat is good for the heart. American Heart Association recommends consumption of at least two measures of fish each week, particularly fish rich in omega-3.

Avocados are rich in saturated fats are not the sole, type of fat that helps raise the good HDL cholesterol and lowering LDL cholesterol levels. In addition, this fruit contains the most beta-sitosterol (a beneficial plant fat) than other fruit species. Beta-sitosterol reduces the amount of cholesterol absorbed from food. Thus, the combination of beta-sitosterol and unsaturated fats to make a single fruit this one be a good choice in the fight against cholesterol.

Avocados are also rich in calories tend. So, it's worth using this fruit as a substitute for other fatty foods you eat often. American Heart Association recommends that you meet the 15 percent of daily calories from saturated fat is not singular, as contained in the avocado.

Garlic has been used as a medicinal for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians consume garlic for stamina. Is in modern medicine, garlic was found to lower cholesterol, prevent blood coagulation, reducing blood pressure, and prevent infection. Research, as quoted perevention sites (dot) com, found that garlic helps prevent plaque formation in arteries. Garlic prevents cholesterol particles stick to artery walls.

To benefit, try to consume two to four cloves of fresh garlic daily.


Spinach is rich in lutein, a pigment contained in dark green leafy vegetables and egg yolks. Lutein has been shown to effectively protect against age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness. Research recently discovered, half a cup a day of lutein-rich foods can prevent heart attacks by helping remove cholesterol artery walls, causing blockages.

Tea, either hot or cold, containing antioxidant components. The studies found that tea helps maintain elasticity of blood vessels and prevent blood coagulation. The content of antioxidant flavonoids in tea proven to prevent oxidation of LDL bad cholesterol, which triggers the formation of plaque on artery walls. This powerful antioxidant also expressed lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Basically a hot cup of tea contains more antioxidant than one fruit or vegetable drinks. Green tea and black tea contains the same antioxidant content. Try to enjoy at least a cup of tea a day.

Compared with milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains antioxidants types three times as much. The content of antioxidant flavonoids in it works to prevent blood coagulation so as to prevent clogged arteries.

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