Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Miracle of Mangosteen Fruit For Beauty

Jakarta - one purple fruit is often referred to as "super fruit", Because it contains many antioxidants and nutrients that are beneficial to health and beauty. These fruits are now commonly used as nutritional supplements. For a natural option, people can consume a glass of mangosteen juice for a daily dose.

Another benefit to health is also very much. Some of them are:

Helps the body fight free radicals, ie, the physical signs of aging.

Inflammation and pain can also be solved with existing Xanthone content in mangosteen. He works against a variety of inflammation in the body. Xanthone itself is a chemical substance that serves to enhance the body's immune system. Xanthone content on the mangosteen is often used for making various painkillers.

Other nutrient content on the mangosteen fruit is catechins, polysaccharides, Quinones, stilbenes and polyphenols.

Catechins found to contain five times the antioxidants than vitamin C, whereas the polysaccharides and Quinones known as anti-bacterial, so it can protect the body from bacteria everywhere. Both also serve as a cancer preventive, and last Stilbenes are substances that prevent the occurrence of different fungi harming the body.


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