Friday, April 2, 2010

Intimate relationships - do not remove before she reached climax

Intimate relationship of husband and wife have any ethics, even arranged in a contemporary fatwas. Why? Because if there's intimate relationships are not 'intimate' may be a problem between the two (couples).

What will happen if orgasm can not be achieved simultaneously? Definitely not feeling it? Especially when her husband first experienced an orgasm, very sorry for the wife. Now, to get pleasure together, then try to reach orgasm simultaneously. In practice, the possible (even certain) will orgasm first wife, because she would experience until a couple of times. And the orgasm is 'stated last', try to get together between a husband and wife. This is the peak of intimacy between husband and wife.

Continue what should be done if the husband orgasm first? This temporary fatwa suggest this:

Husband did not withdraw his penis before wife orgasm(although first husband having an orgasm).

This means, there is still work to be completed by the husband when experiencing orgasm first, which is making the wife an orgasm. This is not an easy job and a wife may be having little trouble reaching orgasm when her husband was having an orgasm first. So of course, strive together to achieve the same goal together! Enjoy the most wonderful weekend!


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